Brown water coming from faucets in village of Parks

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PARKS, La. (KLFY) Parks residents are looking for answers after seeing discolored water coming from their faucets.

One man says at times it’s as brown as the Bayou Teche.

“We don’t live in a Third World country but some nights you go to sleep, you wake up and turn on the faucet you swear you fell asleep in Parks and woke up in a country you can’t even pronounce because the water is the same color as the bayou.”

Harold Safford has lived in Parks for 32 years and says he grew up on Parks water and it isn’t like this all the time.

“Sometimes it will only be once a week, sometimes it will be twice a month, it’s very sporadic”, Stafford said.

“This is something I inherited but I’m going to take it on because I am the mayor and I’m going to take it” said Parks Mayor Kevin Kately.

The nearly 200 miles of piping in the water system is more than 60 years old.

The long term solution would include larger pipes and hiking cost to customers for the 8 million dollar project.

“Everybody is going up and going up tremendously. This is what I’m trying not to do. I’m not trying to double and triple the water bill instantly. I’m trying to gradually go up and as we gradually go up we will try and do some gradual improvements.”

Mayor Kately says the 130 plus dead ends in town don’t allow water to flow as often as it should; leading to sediment and purifying chemicals to gather in the pipes causing discoloration.

“We do test biweekly and we’re always passing our test. The water is not attractive looking but it’s not unsafe.”

Mayor Kately says if you do experience discolored water to call City Hall immediately, it’s about a five-minute fix once their at the scene.

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