Bead Busters and Float Rentals bring first ‘Kween Cake’ throws to Acadiana

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It’s non-stop action at Bead Busters and Float Rentals as the staff prepares for the busy Mardi Gras Season. 

From beads to throws to costumes, Bead Busters and Float Rentals is considered a one-stop shop for all your Mardi Gras needs. What you can find here, that you can’t find anywhere else is a spin to Louisiana’s favorite purple, green and gold treat.

“The moment you bite into it you’re going to be like wow. What the heck did I just eat? What is this and where did it come from,” said Craig Spadoni, Owner of Bead Busters. 

He is also known as ‘The Bead King’ there who decided to take things up a notch this Mardi Gras Season. “We throw moon pies off of floats.. well guys, I have something much better than a moon pie,” said Spadoni. 

He partnered with Louisiana Praline Factory in Carencro after tasting this sweet delight.  “It’s not a king cake. It’s a Kween Cake,” said Spadoni.  Kween Cakes! To set the record straight. A different taste and look to the traditional king cake. It sparked the idea to create a Mardi Gras throw out of the desert. 

 ” We made a case. We put it on Facebook. It went nuts,” he added. From full sized-Kween Cakes, Kween Loafs to now the mini Kween Cake Throws. Bead Busters became the first to sell this in the matter of weeks.

“We’re selling hundreds of cases every couple of days,” said Spadoni. It’s topping the moon pies in sales at the store. 

Spandoni beleive it’s becoming widely popular from the internet. He’s even shipping to a military base in South Korea.  “They just going all over. Michigan, Ohio, California. It’s all people who want a taste of home,” he added. 

Bead Busters and Float Rentals has a special partnership with the Louisana Praline Factory. So, no Acadiana. You won’t find these anywhere else. In Youngsville. 

The cakes are sold 60 cakes a case for $40. Anyone is welcome to stop by the store for a free sample of the unique treat. 

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