Acadiana disaster response organization seeks volunteers

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An Acadiana organization specializing in disaster relief is asking for new volunteers. 

Acadiana VOAD is an organization asking for your help during times of disaster relief. 

Acadiana VOAD began in 1970 as a national organization. It’s an umbrella of other organizations.  

Elsa Dimitriadis, Director of Marketing & Communications of United Way of Acadiana, says, “We’re looking for any organizations, companies, agencies faith based, or non-faith based, nonprofits who are interested in plugging in the way that they see fit.” 

Members work together in times of need according to what they can contribute.  

“It’s a way for us to stay in our lanes and do what we do well- each organization or company. But also work efficiently together so that we’re not duplicating effort,” says Dimitriadis. 

Acadiana VOAD voad meets throughout the year, but especially during hurricane season.  

Dimitriadis says, “It’s specific to each disaster because not every disaster looks different, but we’re there on hand. We meet throughout the year and then particularly during hurricane season.” 

VOAD is an organization servicing the eight-parish region of Acadiana.  

“Here in Acadiana, it services the eight-parish region and what it is is an umbrella organization of different agencies, organizations, companies that come together in times of disaster to help the community,” explains Dimitriadis. 

These organizations offer help to those in need by using their own resources. 

Dimitriadis says, “Acadiana VOAD organizes those needs, gets that word out to the community and also utilitizes their own resources to offer help to people in need.” 

To sign up to become a member of VOAD, visit to fill out a form under the member agencies tab. 

VOAD’s next meeting will be held Wednesday, July 11 at United Way of Acadiana. 

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