Acadiana braces for possible flooding ahead of weekend forecast

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Acadiana residents are being told to be prepared. Any forecast of heavy rainfall signals an alert. The major concern is flooding.
Lafayette city parish leaders are stepping up plans.

Terry Cordick is the associate director of operations and maintenance for LCG’s Public Works Department. Cordick says it’s too late to be tree trimming. To tree trim now will only add to flooding problems. ”Because obviously you’re going to want to put your limbs etc at the road. We don’t want anything that could float into the drainage way,” Cordick said.

Cordick says her department is focusing on getting routine maintenance work done ahead of the storm. “Trying to finish up our grass cutting and filling pot holes. We’re trying to finish what we can finish up today.”

Cordick says true storm prep mode for lcg public works will move into full gear Wednesday. “For our guys it means we’re going to be checking the different zones in the areas that historically potentially flood,” Cordick stated.

Meanwhile residents have the responsibility of helping local government help you. That means avoiding areas prone to flooding.
“Try not to get yourself into a situation where you have to be rescued because you have gone down an underpass and the underpass is flooded and you didn’t realize it would be that deep,” Cordick added.

Don’t forget about clearing ditches or culverts. Cordick says material and debris can lead to clog. “If you have a storm drain that fronts your yard or your side yard, make sure that its clear.”

Cordick says there’s a phone number residents can call after hours for an emergency and someone will definitely answer.
“If something happens during a storm event and you think you have a blockage or whatever, you can call that number and they’ll take your information and pass it onto our on call people,” Cordick stated.

LCG’s Public Works after hours call number is (337) 291-8517.

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