Pay It Forward: ‘Adopted grandmother’ gets a surprise

St. Landry Parish

OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY) — We met Francesca Campbell in the grocery parking lot. Bob Giles with Giles Automotive and News 10’s Sylvia Masters asked her if she could think of anyone in need and she immediately did… Betty Fontenot.

“I met her when I worked at the local children’s hospital. One of her sons had some medical needs that he was always there, and I just got really close to him and I was pretty much his only friend because he couldn’t leave his house much because of his condition and so I just stayed in touch with his mom after he passed away,” explained Francesca.

Francesca calls Betty her adopted grandmother saying she’s the best woman she’s ever met… so off we went to meet Betty Fontenot in Opelousas.

We explained to Betty about our program ‘Pay It Forward’ and how we met Francesca. 

Bob Giles said to Betty, “I have an envelope with some money in it so I’m going to pay it to Francesca so she can pay it forward to you.”

Betty exclaimed, “Thank you. Wow.”

Francesca replied, “She’s so deserving. The most deserving momma I know.”

Fontenot counted the money out totaling $1,000. Francesca was a Child Life Specialist at a local hospital when she met Betty in 2014. Betty’s son was in the hospital every two weeks with serious illnesses.

Betty said, “They always at Women’s and Children’s made sure we got the biggest room so everyone could come visit and she would come in. We’d laugh with her and over the years, we would just talk with one another and my son loved her as a friend and when he passed away, we still kept in touch and then when my other son passed away, she would still call me, and we would talk and stuff.”

Betty lost two sons who were sick, ages 20 and 24. To this day, Francesca still keeps in touch with her… and to now, a moment, they will never forget. “I’m thankful for each day I’m given and make the most of it,” said Betty.

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