METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — August is in full swing, your favorite prep football teams are heating up, and their leaders are ready to begin the 2023 football season.

More than 40 local high school football coaches, administrators, and media members gathered Thursday for the Crescent City Sports Kickoff Luncheon at Quarter View Restaurant in Metairie.

Mark Bonis, Brother Martin

“What will you change this season” was the popular question for coaches regardless of their success last season.

Division 1 5A championship head coach JT Curtis spoke with WGNO sports director Ed Daniels about the pending lawsuit against the Louisiana High School Athletic Association (LHSAA).

JT Curtis, John Curtis Christian School

Ryan Manale, Jesuit

Wayne Reese, Jr., Booker T. Washington

Ken Sears, St. Paul’s School

Frank Daggs, McDonogh 35

Kyle Walker, Riverdale

Nine member schools from North Louisiana sued the LHSAA, claiming the executive director changed the definition of “Select School” without a vote of member principals.

Thus, the 9-school plaintiffs are asking for injunctive relief.

“Quite frankly Ed, I would say that this is an issue that could be simply resolved as far as my clients go. Call for a vote, live with the vote and move on,” Baton Rouge attorney Brian Blackwell, who filed the suit, told Ed Daniels.

Curtis, who is also the principal of John Curtis Christian, said twice principals were asked to vote and not enough responded to have a quorum.

“They tried twice to get the Association, the principals together to change it themselves. And, they said no, they didn’t show up. That’s the bottom line. I hope the court will take that into consideration,” Curtis said.

Curtis also explained his perspective of LHSAA executive director Eddie Bonine’s message during those meetings.

“If you have an open enrollment policy, and kids cross from one school to the next, that’s what the whole complaint about private and parochial schools were. I think Mr. Bonine stood up and said ‘fair is fair.’ We are going to do it this way, and they got upset by that. And, I have a hard time understanding that,” Curtis said.

Aside from the lawsuit, the 2023 football season could see JT Curtis break the United States record for all-time wins as a high school coach. Curtis has 615 wins and needs six to tie the late John McKissick from South Carolina.

Seven wins will break the record.

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