BEYOND THE JERSEY: UL football player helps earthquake victims in Haiti

UL Lafayette

Adrian Goodacre, an offensive lineman for the Ragin Cajuns, recently went on a mission trip to Haiti. it’s there that he was inspired to help build a home for a family in need.

“One day we gave out solar lights, we planted trees, one day we gave out water filters.”

Goodacre as well as the other students were humbled when they saw the conditions the people of Haiti were living in.

“Something as simple as being able to go to your kitchen or bathroom and turn on the sink and knowing that you can get water out of there and drink it and not have to worry about being sick, a privilege that I have that other people don’t have.”

It was during that trip, Goodacre met a man, a father, named Mr. Nelson.

Nelson lost his home during an earthquake but still kept faith and a positive attitude.

“Mr. Nelson all of a sudden comes out and he starts talking so positively to Adrian,” explained Campus Pastor Eric Treuil, “He looks Adrian in the face and he goes ‘God has blessed me so much,’ and he just keeps saying that and he says ‘I’m believing God is going to provide us a house, for me and my family of nine.’ Adrian was blown away, walked away and literally broke down crying.”

That was when Adrian and the other students decided to raise money to help Mr. Nelson build the home that he knew God would provide.

“If you hear something like that I feel like you almost have a duty especially as a person of faith to try your best and be a blessing to that person,” said Goodacre.

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