UL Golf Coach Gives Lessons to Emily and George


LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – The KLFY sports team hit the golf course with Ragin Cajun Golf’s Head Coach, Theo Sliman, and Oakbourne Country Club Head Professional Cliff Wagner.

“George already knows how to golf but for me, I’m going to learn how to golf,” said Weekend Sports Anchor Emily Giangreco.

The two start in the Cajuns facility at Oakbourne, where coach Sliman and Wagner teach the basics. 

“We’re going to start out with GPA,” said Wagner, “we’re going to look at your grip, your posture and your alignment.”

A few swings later and it was time to head to the course. 

“Grip it and rip it,” shouted Faust as the team headed to number nine.

Coach Sliman, when teaching how to aim the ball, compares your stance to a railroad track.

“Here’s the track so we would never want the track to cross,” he explained, “so as long as the tracks are parallel you know where you’re aiming.” 

The team played a couple of holes and ended the day with Faust shooting par and Giangreco still learning. 

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