CARENCRO, La. (KLFY) – Coach Gavin Peters and his Carencro bears have their sights set on an outdoor track state championship. Their journey to Baton Rouge is led by some twin magic.

Kalen beavers and his twin brother Koen aren’t just your average set of twins. These twins are athletes who love to bring the best out of each other.

“It’s fun because it’s always competition around and he just always brings the energy so I bring the energy right back,” Kalen said.

When asked what is it like having a twin brother, Koen Beavers said, “You have someone to talk to, you’re never alone, if you need help with something they’re there to help you or you just need someone to talk too when you’re bored so it’s nice.

Koen and Kalen said that twin-telepathy could be possible.

“We just randomly like sometimes think about the same things or sometimes we say the same thing at the exact same time. So I think there’s a thought process that we do think the same thing,” Koen and Kalen said.

Coach Peters is in his second year as the head track coach and he said the twins have a great work ethic.

“I can already see a transformation this season from last season. They’re bigger, they’re faster, they’re stronger. I’ll never forget the first time they ran with us at a JV track meet. It’s like lightning in a bottle. They might’ve ran on a Wednesday, they were on the varsity relays by that Friday I want to say.”

The twins compete in the 100 200 4×2 and 4×1 but who is the faster twin?

“I’m the faster twin. Probably not but I think he knows it, I’m the fastest twin,” Koen said.

“He thinks he is but I can’t admit that he is,” Kalen said.

Kalen and Koen believe they are the fastest twins in the nation.

“I think we are [the fastest]. I’ve never seen anybody to prove to me otherwise,” Kalen said.

Both Kalen and Koen want to be the best versions of themselves and soon compete at the next level but priority number one is to help bring Carencro it’s first state championship since 2019.

The state meet is Saturday May 6.