Freshman wide receiver Kyren Lacy caught the only passing touchdown in UL’s game against the Texas Longhorns.

Growing up in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Lacy says the experience of playing in front of 91,000 people for the season-opener was surreal.

“When I came out for pregame, I’m thinking like oh it’s just a regular game,” Lacy says. “Nobody’s out here. We’re gonna be good. When we come back outside and it’s time for the game, we come out the tunnel and I see 100,000 people. It’s an amazing experience. I never seen anything like that. The first snap, it’s just like a regular game. I had to soak it all in, but now it’s time to play football.”

Lacy finished the game with three catches for 40 yards and one touchdown.

His family wasn’t able to make the game, as just days prior his hometown of Thibodaux was hit by the category four Hurricane Ida.

“It was tough,” Lacy says. “My family is going through it like I’m going through it. We just trying to fight through it because Thibodaux got hit hard. We’ve been struggling, but we’re gonna be alright.”

Lacy stayed with extended family in Lake Charles as the storm passed, while his mom evacuated to Houston and his dad to Mississippi.

“Everything is straight, just got water in the house,” Lacy says. “There’s a couple of shingles off the roof. My dad’s house, the roof is messed up. As for my whole family, we’re just going through it right now. It’s a tough time, but we’re gonna get through it.”

Focusing on football in the aftermath of a storm could seem like a challenge to some, but Lacy says he knows how to handle it.

“I been through a lot of adversity. This is just another step in my life. God puts me through phases in to see how I respond. When I go to football practice, it’s football. Outside of football that’s when I could be with my family. So when I ‘m up here is about football and nothing else, I could just relax and play football when i’m up here. Outside of football, I’m with my family, talking to them, seeing how they’re doing.”

Week two brought his hometown team to Cajun Field, as the Nicholls Colonels faced off against UL.

Lacy says he was encouraging the guys from Thibodaux as they continue to compete.

“I was sending prayers up to those guys because I know those guys personally,” Lacy says. “I know what they’re going through, so I’ve been trying to give them some words of encouragement trying to get them to go harder everyday just like I do up here in Lafayette with my guys.”