NEW ORLEANS, La, – Going into Sunday the Saints knew the game against the Raiders was more than a win or a loss.

It was about who the New Orleans Saints really are in Week 8 of the NFL. The Who Dat stepped up in each phase of the game, which is the first time the Black and Gold have done so this season. 

Another first, captain and running back Alvin Kamara hasn’t scored a touchdown yet. He made up for it at the Superdome with three in the 24-0 shutout win over the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Kamara had nearly 160 yards of total offense. What worked for him? The choice route.

“If you can get him the ball in his hands and space, you can see what he can do with it. The two plays that we scored on with him, it’s just him getting open. Get him the ball and let him do the rest,” said New Orleans Saints quarterback Andy Dalton.

“We won the time a possession battle. We won the third down battle. I feel like we were getting them (Raiders) into a decent amount of third and longer situations,” said New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen.

“We didn’t have a ton of penalties in the game. We still have some things that we have to clean up. We ran the ball effectively. I thought we did a good job of stopping the run, but we didn’t give up an explosive plays,” said Allen.

The Saints defense dominated stopping the run. Raiders running back, Josh Jacobs, entered tonight second in the NFL averaging almost 106 yards per game.

Because of New Orleans’ elite performance. Jacobs finished tonight with 43 yards on 10 carries.

“I think when we play loose and when we play our kind of style when we’re not pressing, I think that’s what we’re capable of. I think it’s just one game, but I think it was a good one for the challenge,” said New Orleans Saints safety Tyrann Mathieu.

“Challenged the line of scrimmage, make them make the throws. I thought that’s what we did. The biggest thing was our swagger. We played with it for sure,” said New Orleans Saints rookie cornerback Alontae Taylor.