The rivalry between Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Evans and Saints defensive back Marshon Lattimore has been well-documented over the years. Back in 2022, the two got into an on-field fight which led to both players being ejected from the game, and that’s just for starters.

Now, with the NFL rolling out its unique ‘Toy Story’ approach to the London matchup on Sunday, it led to some great tweets about the two players ahead of their own matchup slated for the afternoon — with obvious disappointment they didn’t receive the ‘Toy Story’ broadcast. As The Volume so perfectly highlighted, the idea of a ‘Toy Story’ matchup featuring Evans and Lattimore squaring off could be perfectly described by one scene from the iconic movie series.

For those curious about the heated rivalry between the two players, here’s a quick look back at the multiple back-and-forth heated exchanges fans have seen over the years.

Tampa Bay (2-1) and New Orleans (2-1) square off at 1 pm ET shortly after the game in London wraps up.