Gloves were dropped during the clash between the Flyers and Blue Jackets on Sunday, as Philadelphia’s Nicolas Deslauriers and Columbus’s Mathieu Olivier squared off at center ice for a fight that featured a rather unexpected ending. 

After circling and posturing up for a few moments, the pair began launching blows, and both sides connected with some solid contact during what turned into a lengthy brawl. As the fight continued to drag on, both players started to run out of gas, struggling to maintain their stamina while throwing a bevy of punches.

After a while, Deslauriers and Olivier hilariously agreed to stop the fight, giving each other a respectful pat on the helmet before parting ways back to their respective benches.

Both Deslauriers and Olivier were throwing haymakers during their minute-long scrap, so it comes as no surprise that they used up most of their energy. It soon became clear that neither player was going to hit the floor and with no end in sight, the two players agreed to skate their separate ways. 

It certainly wasn’t the standard conclusion of a fight between two feuding hockey players, but rather than continue to whale on one another, Deslauriers and Olivier comically agreed to a truce.