Super Bowl week is officially underway in Arizona as the Eagles and Chiefs descended upon the Footprint Center in Phoenix on Monday to take part in the annual opening night tradition of facing hordes of media members from around the world.

Every year, players are swarmed and asked a wide array of questions on topics that often extend beyond the game itself. For Eagles star A.J. Brown, a relatively routine session with the reporters quickly took an awkward turn after he fielded a question asking if he wanted to take a peek at the Super Bowl LVII script.

The inquiry was, of course, in reference to the popular “NFL games are scripted” conspiracy theory that spawned countless jokes on social media to begin the month. Needless to say, Brown, perhaps out of superstition, made it clear he didn’t want to play along with the joke in his response.

“I don’t want to read it, no, I don’t want to read it,” Brown said while laughing and shaking his head. When asked if he was suspicious of what he might read, the 25-year-old reiterated he’d rather keep his eyes on the prize, rather than place them on any sort of make-believe script.

“No, I’m just gonna do what I’ve been doing and keep playing. I’m not thinking about a script or worried about a script,” he said.

Whether it was for fear of jinxing his team or disinterest in the joke, Brown maneuvered his way past the awkward moment like he was facing a cornerback who had no chance of keeping him out the end zone.

Fortunately for Brown and the Eagles, the wait to face Kansas City and the chance to write their own final chapter to their magical 2022 season will only last six more days.