Several of the most iconic announcer taglines in men’s college basketball history belong to announcer Bill Raftery.

Among the celebrated announcer’s trademark calls include: “A little kiss” and “A nickel-and-dimer.”

But one call that stands above the rest, when late-game situations result in a stunning play: “Onions”.

On Friday, Raftery was asked his favorite “Onions” call of all time.

Many may immediately think of the game-winning shot by Kris Jenkins in 2016 that won the National Championship for Villanova at the buzzer over North Carolina.

Following arguably the greatest shot in men’s NCAA basketball history, Raftery was on point with “Onions. Double order. Sautéed.”

Greg Nelson

However, Raftery’s top nod went to Siena’s Ronald Moore’s clutch three-pointers back in 2009 that helped the No. 9 Saints upset No. 8 Ohio State 72–71 in the opening round.

“He made one at the buzzer, that was an onions”, said Raftery. “Then in overtime, he made another at the buzzer. So it was called, onions, the double order.”

With four exciting teams playing in Houston, college basketball fans can only hope for at least one exemplary moment that is worthy of hearing the paradigmatic call.