Panthers quarterback Bryce Young is off to a sluggish start to his NFL career. Carolina fell to 0-2 in the Young era after losing to the Saints on Monday night, and one moment in particular showcased some of the rookie’s inexperience. 

During the fourth quarter in the second start of his career, Young could be seen mistakenly lining up behind his right guard. Fortunately for the rookie quarterback, Panthers running back Miles Sanders noticed his improper positioning, and gently shoved him in place behind the center.

Young was supposed to be receiving the snap from Bradley Bozeman, but instead was lined up behind Calvin Throckmorton. Sanders noticed that and made sure to correct his teammate’s mistake by giving him a quick tap on the shoulder and a nudge in the right direction.

In Monday’s 24-17 loss, Young completed 22-of-33 passes for 153 yards, an average of 4.3 yards per attempt. He had one touchdown against zero interceptions, while rushing for 34 yards on two carries.

Young, the 2023 NFL draft’s No. 1 pick, is averaging just 4.2 yards per attempt this season, which is the third-lowest by a player in his first two career games, per ESPN Stats and Info.