LAFAYETTE, La – “It was a personal goal for all of us just to run all 50 states,” Lafayette resident Mandolia Jean-Batiste says. “We decided as a group of friends to make it happen. It’s a good way to visit all 50 states.”

Five ladies, three from Lafayette and two from Houston, have joined forces to complete a very unique goal.

Jean-Batiste, Toria Guidry, Erikka Edmond, Petra Montgomery, and Veronica Williams have decided to run at least a half-marathon in every state.

The crew started running in 2011, and in 2014 started running races in each state.

They train daily. Thursday they are running in Wisconsin, and then three of them will move on to Minnesota on Friday.

These ladies are living life to the fullest and enjoying the ride…or run!

“I think it’s new experiences,” Williams says. “In every state we go to, we learn and experience something different. Many people know runners are happy, happy people. Running is somewhat therapy for us. We really enjoy this. Three weeks ago we finished up Alaska. Ironically enough, there was a moose that ran the course with us. It was very interesting and we had a blast in Alaska.”