TOKYO (KLFY) — Team USA took home the gold medal for women’s pole vaulting this morning, but unfortunately for Acadiana residents, former UL-Lafayette vaulter Morgann Leleux Romero wasn’t the one claiming the victory.

Romero, who admitted earlier this week she was competing with a partially-torn Achilles tendon, was unable to cross the 4.50-meter mark in three attempts this morning.

“I really felt fine during the beginning but the rain delay and coming back made it very painful,” stated Romero on Instagram earlier in the week. “But no way am I letting this stop my Olympic Dream. Thursdays weather looks promising. And we have a great treatment plan in place. I feel very confident and soo dang grateful.”

Romero’s teammate, Katie Nageotte, claimed the gold medal with a jump of 4.9 meters.