AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Wednesday at the Masters has seen yet another early rush at their infamous gift shop. And we’re told that this year’s coveted souvenir has been “gnome” to sell out within the first few minutes of business. 

It’s back! The nearly one-foot garden ornament has people in a frenzy at the Masters gift shop. And as it sells like hotcakes once again, those watching from afar may be wondering… “what’s in a gnome?”

“Okay, so I didn’t need to get it,” said Felisa Hunter.

Felisa Hunter says it all started with a TikTok video she made. 

She wore a gnome shirt and her daughter thought it was funny.

“So now,” said Hunter. “I collect gnomes.”

A little gnome fact: the Augusta National ornament made its Masters debut in 2016. 

The little guy sells for about $50. 

“He’s ‘Gnomie’,” said Hunter. “We’re chillin’ with the Gnomie.”

Alan Haskins arrived at Augusta National well before sunrise to grab a gnome for his best friend. 

“So, I had to stand in that line in order to get it,” said Haskins. “‘Cause they’ve been selling out so much… So, I went ahead and grabbed her one.”

Gift shop employees tell us that the coveted item sells out within fifteen minutes from opening…gnome matter what. 

“This is my first gnome,” said Carole Springer. “So, he’s the start of, hopefully, a collection. He’s going on the mantle.”

“I feel like I won the lottery!” said Allison Adams.

Beyond the fairway, it seems all roads lead to gnome.

“Everyone’s like, ‘how’d you get that?!’” said Sade Anthony. “I’m like…it’s like Willy Wonka’s Golden ticket!” 

I asked the gnome if it knew why it’s selling out so quickly.

He’s not a gnome of many words.

Felisa Hunter told us that, while she was in the store, another patron handed her an extra gnome.

Now she has two…

“They’re like best friends,” said Hunter.

…proving that good things come to gnomes who wait.

“Now, I’m really chillin’ with the gnomies!” said Hunter.

Whatever the reason for grabbing the popular garden ornament, one thing’s for certain: as far as folks here at Augusta National are concerned…gnome is where the heart is.