Quite the moving story here. And it starts with UL Softball, and a fall scrimmage at Lamson Park. The story, comes to us before the game even started.

Seven year old, Madelyn Daigle getting to throw out the first pitch at the game. She’s surrounded by Cajun Softball fans, player, and a host of her classmates, and friends.

For the past nine months, this brave little girl’s been beating a rare form of kidney cancer.

The 1st grader at St. Michael’s in Crowley, has already been through so much. Multiply surgery’s, 13 radiation treatments, and numerous doctor’s appointments. And yet, she still handles her situation with grace and dignity, the likes of which many adults can’t muster in their toughest times.

What’s the connection to UL? Madelyn’s Dad, Duke Daigle grew up with Ragin Cajun Softball Great Alyson Habetz. Alyson, who now is an Associate Coach at the University of Alabama, took the reigns to set this special event up in honor of Madelyn.

Current UL Head Coach Gerry Glasco says it was an honor to have Madelyn at the game, and see the reaction of the fans, families and friends.

Coach Glasco says, “I thought that was one of the, I’ve been around a long time. I thought Acadiana and the reception and the fans and the whole event. The schools that showed up to support Madelyn, I thought that was one of the best and meaningful events I’ve seen on an athletic field in a long time. It was really touching, and I was proud of that, proud of our fan base. And I want to brag on our fan base, for the way that they showed up, and our community and the involvement in that. It was really one of the more fun things, and really kind of overshadowed fall softball.”

Madelyn will be featured on a national television show, on Thanksgiving day.