LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Jay & Lionel Hebert may be the oldest golf course in Southwest Louisiana, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have some new fashion. 

Chris Arceneaux started Generations Sports in 2017 and now he gets to add his favorite sport to his brand. “This is something I have been thinking about for years, so just now being able to launch my own brand and be a part of it. My son, you know, being a part of everything from the front end and the back end. you know it was important for us to do that for the family,” says Arceneaux.

Joann Catalon was a neighborhood friend who knew Chris was different than most kids growing up. “While other people were playing marbles and stuff, he was looking at the gate to the golf course and wishing that he was here. Chris was always one that inspired himself and others to go along and move up,” says Catalon.

Being the first African American golf professional in Lafayette and having a brand allows him to give the younger generation a positive outlook on life. “I just think we can continue to build on that, and the kids can see something positive. you know I took a different path from many people. golf was my safe haven and allowed me to develop myself so it’s great to be able to have your own model from that to build and develop into that,” says Arceneaux.

Even Arceneaux’s son, AJ is inspired. “Anybody with a dream can just go after what they want to do, just have to have determination. Don’t give up and I just do what I can. I’m here helping him every day. Well not every day but six days a week. You know we can do what we can and just keep it going. Don’t give up,” says KJ.

Arceneaux says this collection is only the beginning.