High School Football looks to be saved for the 2015 season.  After a dispute between the Louisiana High School Athletic Association and the Louisiana High School Officials Association regarding pay raises for officials, the two sides have tentatively agreed on a compromise.

They two sides have been at odds since May, and the Lafayette Association met last week to discuss boycotting the season. That move looks to be unnecessary, now.  The terms of the new agreement were not revealed when the two sides met in New Orleans on Sunday.  Both sides have been tight lipped about the deal, but assured the public that the fall sports would be on, as normal.

The officials were asking for between a $5 to $10 raise, costing each school around $1,800.  Officials make anywhere from $65 to $85 dollars a game. That’s on the low end of the national average, which is anywhere from $70-$100 per game.

Any agreement or action taken on this issue will still have to be approved by the LHSAA principals.