(WGNO) — Some of the criticisms of the Brian Kelly hire seem to be ridiculous, now.

Would kelly fit in, in South Louisiana? Could he recruit?

Even an ESPN reporter a few weeks warned he was hearing some bad things about kelly at LSU.


It is laughable now.

Why has Kelly gotten so much blowback, even though he has defeated two candidates for the LSU job, Lane Kiffin and Billy Napier, and has upgraded LSU’s talent level considerably since he arrived late last November?

Well, I think the answer is pretty simple.

Kelly had the temerity to leave Notre Dame – along the east coast and the mid-west – that is a no, no. After all, the golden dome is the golden dome, even though Notre Dame has gone 35 years since its last college football championship.

Brian Kelly made the right move coming to LSU, and LSU made the right move in hiring him.

So, there will be a lot of media hoping that Alabama puts LSU and Kelly in its place Saturday night.

Which, to me, is interesting since Kelly and LSU had allegedly both made a mistake.