NEW ORLEANS — Running back Jamaal Williams spoke with the media Friday after officially signing his three-year contract with the New Orleans Saints.

“I’ve got a lot going through my mind right now, just because I’m so excited. I’m so proud to be here, grateful to be here. My hard work and everything I’ve been going through in my life has gotten me to this place right now. I just want to keep moving forward by working hard, being a great example, and being a great teammate, and football player, and showing Nola that y’all picked up the right dude to be here,” says running back Jamaal Williams.

Williams says he manifested his move to the Saints after meeting with running backs coach Joel Thomas at the Super Bowl.

“We were just catching up saying, ‘hi how are you doing?’ You know, just talking a little bit and the last thing I said to him when we were breaking off was, ‘I’ll see you soon.’ I just said it, ‘i’ll see you soon.’ Not ‘bye’ or nothing like that. ‘See you soon.’ So, now that really sticks in my head,” says Williams.

Now Joel Thomas will be his coach for the next three years.

Jamaal Williams saw career-highs last year with 1,066 rushing yards and an NFL-best 17 touchdowns.

In his six-year NFL career, Williams has amassed over 3,600 yards rushing, 1,100 yards receiving, and 38 touchdowns with both the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions.