SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – A recent study questioned the likelihood of Louisiana sports fans forming romantic relationships with fans of rival teams and found a surprising statistic.

The study showed that 44% of American sports fans would prefer to catch a game than spend a romantic evening with their partner. One out of every ten sports fans in the nation believes it is a dealbreaker if their partner cheers for a different team.

Only half of those surveyed in the United States said they would consider attending an occasional game with their partner if their partner was a fan of an opposing team. Five percent of American sports fans would not be comfortable attending a game with their partner if they were fans of an opposing team.

And when it comes to the Bayou State, roughly 1/3 of Louisianians who are sports fans said they are not likely to hit it off with someone who prefers a rival team.

In a nation where 67 percent of Arizona Cardinals fans and 28 percent of Dallas Cowboys fans prefer their partner support their favorite team, research shows that Saints fans don’t care who their partner roots for during games.

But the number of New Orleans Saints fans who will date someone that roots for another team is drastically different from the rest of the nation.

Saints fans seem to be just fine with their betrothed cheering for the opposition or no team at all as they are the fanbase most likely to date someone who does not cheer for their beloved Black and Gold. None of those Saints fans who responded to the poll said they wish for their partner to also support the team.

How likely are you to stand beside your loved one if they’re wearing another team’s jersey? Only you can answer that question. But if you’re wearing a Saints jersey, you might be okay with your romantic partner wearing a Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt.