Saints lead NFC after Seahawks topple the Vikings

Geaux Black and Gold

The South is not enough.

Anything short of a trip to the Super Bowl would be a disappointment for this uber-talented Saints team, which got their first taste of NFC dominance this season thanks to the Seattle Seahawks.

Before the Monday game between the 49ers and the Seahawks, the Saints (10-2) sat at second place in the NFC behind San Francisco (10-2), but that’s only because the 49ers had a better in-conference record than the Saints (the 49ers have lost to one NFC opponent, the Saints have lost to two). 

Thanks to a win from the red-hot Ravens on Sunday, the Seahawks can take control of the NFC West from the 49ers with a win over the Vikings on Monday Night Football. 

Since the Saints beat the Seahawks earlier this season, they would move up to the top spot in the NFC with the 49ers bumped down to a wild card spot.

Put simply, because the Seattle Seahawks won tonight, here’s what the NFC looks like:

1. Saints (10-2)

2. Seahawks (10-2)

3. Packer (9-3)

4. Cowboys (6-6)

5. 49ers (10-2)

6.Vikings (8-4)

The Saints are in control of the NFC, with the biggest threat to dome-field advantage coming this Sunday as they play the 49ers.

If the Saints can beat the NFL’s top defense in the Superdome Sunday, they’ll have a nice cushion at the top of the league and a clear road to returning to Miami 10 years after their Super Bowl win.

The Saints (10-2) take on the 49ers (10-2) in New Orleans at Noon on Dec. 8.

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