METAIRIE, La. — The New Orleans Saints are going up against a powerful 49ers offense.

One of the many threats will be the most versatile wide receiver in the NFL, Deebo Samuel.

He has the ability to be a receiver, a runner, and a returner, and to put his athleticism in perspective for you Samuel reached a speed of 19.94 mph on his 39-yard rushing touchdown in the game against the Cardinals, which is the highest speed he has reached as a ball carrier this season.

“Well, first of all, you got to identify what he is, you know. Is he a runner? Is he a is he a receiver? You know? Are you going to match the running back up with a linebacker or safety?” said New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen. “And then what happens if he comes out of the backfield and now as a receiver or is he a running back? You know, I think those are all the challenges that you face when you’re dealing with stuff like that.”

“When you look at what they do, they use a lot of different players in a lot of different areas. You know, you’ll look up and you’ll see Deebo Samuel lined up, you know, at the running back position, and the running back maybe split out wide, looks like a wide receiver. So I think they do a really nice job of they’ve got a good scheme, but I think they do a really nice job of utilizing their personnel,” said Allen.

Having playmakers in each position will be challenging, so the Saints will need to choose which one they want to take away from the offense.

This 49ers team is not the same one it was a few weeks ago.

Especially with the addition of star running back Christian McCaffrey. He played 25 snaps in the first half against the Cardinals averaging 6.5 yards per carry. McCaffrey also had 39 yards on the ground and 67 in the air.

“He’s just a great running back and also he can catch the ball out of the backfield so I feel like he has great balance and he’s fast he can get up the field quickly so feel like he fits perfectly in there all fence they like to get to the perimeter and get outside and get some blockers out there for him but when you got playmakers like that in different areas it’s always going to create a challenge so you just Gotta make sure we’re locked in on things are doing in the places that they’re put in to be able to make plays and make sure we have our eyes right,” New Orleans Saints safety P.J. Williams.

The New Orleans Saints are very familiar with Christian McCaffrey’s game which will be helpful come Sunday.