(WGNO) — In the days following the Derek Carr announcement, NFL analyst Nick Wright called the Saints’ continued frenzy to eliminate extremely large salary cap deficits an “NFL Ponzi scheme.”

The Saints organization has shown that with restructures, extensions and cuts they can remain in the running for free agents like Carr.

While I wouldn’t consider it a Ponzi scheme, I agree with Wright on the point that he is trying to make – that it is unsustainable.

How can you tell?

After four straight winning seasons and playoff appearances, the Saints are 16-18 in the last two – with no postseason berths.

With every restructuring, money is allocated to the next year, and the next year, and the next year.

They are able to retain some players but will eventually lose several to better situations.

The win-now mentality is not paying off on the football field, and it won’t show up on your books in the years to come.