METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) — New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen addressed local media after Wednesday’s practice and provided updates on Jimmy Graham’s medical concern from Friday in Los Angeles, which team doctor John Amoss said was likely a seizure.

“You had a good day to day, so it was good to see,” Allen said initially, and expanded on the thought later in the press conference when asked if Graham, in general, is back to full speed:

“Yeah. Look, I thought he looked good today. You know, I think we’re going to keep evaluating that, but, you know, certainly that was good to see the type of day he had today. He’s a big target and made some made some plays in a contested environment, a couple of plays across the middle, a couple of red zone plays. So, things that I’ve seen him do in the past, I saw him doing today and that’s a good sign.”

Bryan Bresee left practice after being poked in the eye, AT Perry missed practice due to illness, and Marshon Lattimore and Calvin Throckmorton were pulled out of practice after participating in individual drills.

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