METAIRIE, La. – Both the New Orleans Saints (3-7) and the Los Angeles Rams (3-6) are in desperate need of a win on Sunday.

New Orleans had as many penalties as first downs last week against The Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers first downed the Saints 28-10. The Black and Gold were three of 10 on third down.

How come the Saints haven’t run the ball as much as they should?

“I mean you could say that about a couple of guys on our team, why don’t you just get them the ball,” said Saints Quarterback Andy Dalton.

“Defenses do certain things too and for us when you get in the tougher situation when you’re in third and long you can’t just drop it down to Alvin he tries to get the run game going and if it’s not going they put yourselves into situations for second and third down, so it’s the easy thing to say I mean he is our best player on offense so you want to get him involved as much as you can we got a look at things and we have to make a big place because we know what he can do with the balls in his hands,” said Dalton.

Another number that really stuck out on the stat sheet after the Steelers game was 29.

The Saints rushed for 29 yards. Running the ball and feeding Alvin Kamara will be key against the Rams.

The Rams will be without their best wide receiver Cooper Kupp, who suffered a high ankle sprain. Kupp has been placed on IR and he might miss the rest of the year.

“It’s like taking Justin Jefferson out of the office or Ja’Marr Chase. They have enough stuff that they do that I’m pretty sure they’re going to get other guys involved. I know they have a good tight end, and he’s probably going to be involved a lot more,” said Saints Safety Tyrann Mathieu.

“They’re in a similar position that we’re in. It’s about the team who is the most focused. Details matter. The team that comes out with the right energy usually comes out top of those games,” said Dalton.

Mattew Stafford, the Rams quarterback, was on concussion protocol but fully participated on Wednesday.