Diamond Morrison Helps Mother Through Battle With Breast Cancer


LAFAYETTE, LA. (KLFY) Saturday, the Ragin Cajuns Women’s Basketball team hosted their annual pink game.

It was a day dedicated to fighting cancer, a disease that hits home for several of the cajuns.

Freshman Guard Diamond Morrison has been battling on the court; but off of it, her family is experiencing a different battle, breast cancer.

At just 6 years old, Morrison began playing basketball.

“I think I’ve just always had a love for it.”

From then, to now, her biggest fan throughout her entire career has been her mother.

“I don’t even think there’s words to describe that.” explained Morrison, “she was at every game, every practice, she’s so use to being at every game, always being the loudest one cheering in the crowd.”

But on April 10, of 2018 their lives were turned upside down.

Morrison’s mother was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. 

“It was hard, but at the same time, with the type of person that my mother is, you wouldnt even know.”

Her mother had to have surgery to get the tumor removed, followed by chemo therapy and then radiation.

It was difficult, but it was her positive attitude that got both her and Diamond through it all.

“She’s so full of joy all the time.” said Diamond, “She’s an optimistic person so you wouldnt even, you couldnt even tell what she was going through.”

Diamond was there for her mother every step of the way. not always physically but still somehow by her side.

“Me being here, of course it was tough but I always call her everyday, talk to her, let her know I lover her, she knows I lover her, just making sure I can be there for her in anyways possible.”

“She really didn’t want to come because her mom was sick,” said Women’s Basketball Head Coach Garry Brodhead, “she wanted to stay home and her mom said no you got to go and start your career and start your education, it’s very important that so her mom’s a strong lady and she’s very blessed to have a mom like that.”

It’s never easy, being far from a loved one.

Especially one who is fighting a battle as tough as cancer, but being a part of Ragin Cajun Athletics is more than just being on a team, it’s a family.

“The support I have from my team is amazing,” said Morrison, “they were there for me without even knowing.”

“Diamond is extremly lucky to have teammates that really really care about her and coaches,” said Brodhead, “no matter what type of cancer it would have been wether it would have been her dad or her mom we would have been there.”

For anyone who may be fighting the battle theirselves or close with someone who is currently fighting caner, Morrison had some advice to give.

“Make sure that you cherish every second with that person. knowing what they’re going through just making sure that you’re there for them in every way you can be and just prayer.”

Her mother found out in November that she was cancer free.

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