Ragin Cajun Football saw the emergence of a new signal caller amid the injury to Ben Wooldridge.

Coach Michael Desormeaux turned to Zeon Chriss, the redshirt freshman delivered. Zeon passed for 174 yards and 1 touchdown going 14 of 20 in the contest vs. the Blazers.

And while both of those quarterbacks play at a high level, Coach Des believes Zeon’s skill set is a bit different so the plays will be different for Zeon.

He says, make no mistake about it, Zeon’s a quarterback.
“Zeon is a quarterback, and hopefully everyone saw that with the way he threw it. He’s a quarterback, not just a guy back there that’s a wildcat runner, planned on playing him a little bit in that role because he is so unique. But, the guy is a quarterback. We are going to let him throw it and take shots and operate the offense, and a lot of the normal stuff!”