It’s here! Finally, it’s game week!

All the blood, sweat and tears put forth during the summer, gets put to use, this Saturday.

That’s when SLU comes to Cajun Field for the 2022 season opener.

UL Coach Michael Desormeaux says SLU will be ready for this quality opener.

“They are going to come out here, and the stage won’t be to big for them. They will be ready to play. That is what you want, the competitive games get you ready for conference play.”

The Lions come in as an FCS program, but make no mistake about it, that will not have any affect on the way Coach Desormeaux calls the play. The goal is to win the game, and Coach Des will not have a vanilla playbook in game one.

He says, “You go out there and call the game and play the game to win it. I have a lot of respect for this team coming in. To think we will hide things, that not it, no way! We are going to have our gameplan, execute it, and find a way to win.”

Should UL get that win, it would be a 6th straight home opening victory.