LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — As the Ragin’ Cajuns prepare for the national stage of March Madness, they will not be traveling alone thanks to support from the Ragin’ Cajun Cheerleaders.

Third-year cheerleader Jordyn Brown told News 10 that “It’s definitely exciting, I love cheering on our basketball team, and getting to travel with them gets you more excited to know who you’re cheering for.”

“I think getting to go out and cheer for them again and do what we just did not even a week ago is really exciting,” said second-year cheerleader Jakoby Martin.

Preparation for the tournament is different than any other sport. The size of the court restricts the number of cheerleaders that can attend the game, forcing them to rethink stunts and cheers.

“For basketball, we don’t have our entire team that goes to games, so we have to play to each person’s strengths when it comes to stunting and tumbling and figuring out who plays the best role in each part for that,” fourth-year captain Mayah Olivero told News 10.

First-year members are happy to put in the extra work for an experience like March Madness.

“I never thought I would even get the chance to go to a tournament like that, it’s breathtaking to put it in a word,” said first-year cheerleader Mason Varnado.

“This is going to be my first time attending March Madness as well as the rest of my teammates, but I think it’s a big deal for all of Cajun Nation,” first-year member Luke Leger said.

It’s an even bigger deal for the seniors in their final season. Olivero told News 10 that “It’s bittersweet, I’m sad that it could be my last game ever but for it to be at March Madness that’s honestly a great way to go out.”

“It’s crazy that they’re growing up and getting their big girl jobs and big boy jobs and then I’m still here,” Brown said.

Martin added that “Being able to go out and get gameday ready one more time, do some stunts, and call some cheers with my favorite people means the world to me.”

With March Madness being the last big event of the year for the cheer team, the expectations are high, according to Varnado. “I’m going to try to get on tv a couple of times, get the camera on me,” Varnado said.

“I’m looking for the Cajuns to take it all the way,” added Leger.

Olivero also told News 10, “I think it shows the world that the Ragin Cajuns are a force to be reconned with and you shouldn’t count us out because we’ll surprise you.”