LAFAYETTE, La (KLFY) – Coach Napier said after the Sun Belt title game that he would bring a small group of coaches with him to Gainesville.

That group includes running backs coach Jabbar Juluke, who also previously coached at LSU, strength and conditioning coach Mark Hocke, and offensive analyst Ryan O’Hara.

Defensive coordinator Patrick Toney is also making the move with Coach Napier. Toney was an integral part of sustaining the defense’s success after the departure of Ron Roberts, who left to be defensive coordinator at Baylor. Napier called Toney a “great leader” after the game on Saturday.

“He (Toney) knows what he’s doing,” Napier says. “He cares about the players. He works hard to get to know them. He’s a great teacher, and he continues to evolve. This man’s working around the clock. He’s made me better. He and I, we go at it every day. He’s a heck of a football coach. We’re gonna be telling stories about this guy one day. I’ll tell you that.”