Sun Belt to play eight conference games and up to four non-conference games

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The Sun Belt Conference makes it official on Tuesday: beginning on September 5th, its member teams will play eight conference games and up to four non-conference games.

“It does give us the opportunity to complete a full schedule,” University of Louisiana Director of Athletics Dr. Bryan Maggard says. “We do believe in essence, if we are healthy enough to compete on September 5th we want to do that.”

Those non-conference games can begin on “Week Zero” which is August 29th. Texas State is scheduled to play SMU on August 29th.

Dr. Maggard told KLFY the Cajuns plan to begin on week one, which is September 5th.

The Sun Belt championship game is set for December 5th.

Obviously, the health and safety of the student-athletes and coaches will determine if this plan fully comes to fruition. Dr. Maggard says as of right now, the Cajuns have an 11-game schedule without SEC opponent Missouri. The SEC moved to a conference-only schedule.

He also shed some light on the Cajuns’ options for those four allowed non-conference games.

“We do want all four games filled, and as you and I talk right now, three of the four still exist: McNeese, Wyoming, and New Mexico State,” Dr. Maggard says. “We would just need to backfill one. Now should the Mountain West, as an example, decide to go to a conference-only schedule, or if they have to delay their start, then that could impact the Wyoming game. We might have two games to backfill: Missouri and Wyoming. A lot of moving parts still. I think by the end of this week we should know where those other three conferences will land.”

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