Napier: Coach Looney “consistently worked to encourage people”

Cajun Nation

Looney passed away Saturday after suffering a heart attack during a team workout Saturday morning.

Coach Napier doesn’t think they’ll be able to replace Coach Looney, as he had such strong relationships with so many of the players and coaches.

The UL football program held a memorial service for Looney on Monday night.

Coach Napier spoke to the team at the service, focusing on what Coach Looney’s life exemplified and the legacy he left behind for the culture of the Cajuns.

“My message to the team was about, what did we learn from D.J.,” Napier says. “What did we learn from Coach Looney? I think the whole concept of leaving a legacy, although he was young, he impacted many partly because he was an encourager. He consistently worked to encourage people and build people up. I think D.J.’s had as much to do with that as anybody.”

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