The Ragin Cajun family has one of its own guiding the football program, now.
Tuesday, The University of Louisiana introduced Michael Desormeaux as the 27th Head Football Coach in team history.

Dr. Bryan Maggard, UL Athletics Director introduced him with the help of a host of Cajun supporters.

“Please help me in giving a big Cajun welcome to our next head football coach…
Michael Desormeaux.”

And with that, a new era of Cajun Football begins.
With a True Son of Louisiana Football with a common vision for the future of this program.
Michael Desormeaux, says the common purpose comes from the top, and that’s the leadership of Dr. Savoie and Dr. Maggard.

Coach Des says, “From the first time Dr. Maggard addressed our fan base, he said everything is about the student athlete experience, about them having a first class experience, and it’s about every decision with their best interest in mind.. And, I’m proud to say in the last four years that is what we have done.”

What they’ve done over the last four seasons, is elevate this football program. As a national ranking in all major polls becomes the norm…

Desormeaux told the packed house, the plan is to continue and elevate that status.
He says, “as we move forward, I believe and i know that we have all the things in place, for our recent success, to be sustained in the future.”

A future that include the Cajuns first New Orleans Bowl appearance in six seasons.
And a past that include a long relations with the ragin cajuns…as a fan, player, and then coach.

He says, “I know what it takes to steer this ship in the right direction and that is all that I’m concerned about, is this program and doing this the right way.”

Coach Des, as he is called by many of the players, told me: They won’t replace the assistant coaches that left before the bowl game. And, that the current assistants are on the road working the recruiting trail securing the players who are planning to join UL in the early signing period in about a week.