Louisiana baseball reflects on the role of sports in society

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Ragin’ Cajun baseball is one of the many sports that got cut out of playing a full season this year.

KLFY had the chance to talk with UL head baseball coach Matt Deggs about the role sports can play in everyday life, and why getting back to that is one of the keys to society’s well-being.

“Sports in our society provide a lot of hope for people,” Deggs says. “And there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it provides a release, a competitive release.”

Ragin’ Cajun baseball’s competitive release got cut short. We all know that now, but the need for continued expression did not get cut short.

Deggs knows when sports return, it could be quite therapeutic.

“Everyone undershot the runway, if you will, in their estimation of what sports mean to our society,” Deggs says. “When that’s taken, when you take away a release from people, you take away a lot of hope from people. There’s people that can’t get out of their house that the Houston Astros are the reason that they keep going, or the Cajuns or the Saints or the Texans, whoever it might be.”

Cajun outfielder Brennan Breaux also recognizes the need for sports back in people’s lives.

“Having some kind of sports back slowly but surely, getting the NBA and MLB back, I think it’s gonna be really awesome for people to see sports again and to have something to rally around,” Breaux says.

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