LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) It’s a sad news day for Cajun Nation fans as UL football coach Billy Napier is officially going to Florida.

“I think him going to Florida it does sucks. I wish he would stay here and continue on the legacy at UL and keep making it better and building up our program,” said David Starkovich, University of Louisiana Lafayette student.

Billy Napier started his first head coaching career at UL in 2017.

He was Sun Belt coach of the year in 2019 and brought four winning seasons to UL.

“I think Napier was a great coach. While he was here he did a lot of good things for UL. He created a good football team and he got our fanbase more involved with the games,” added Starkovich.

“He really just built the culture for us. Four great seasons all in the conference championship games. We’re about to go to another bowl game. I think this is the longest win streak in school history; it speaks for itself,” said Nick Dalme, UL student.

Many UL students and fans are sad to see their coach move on to Florida but wish him the best.

“Coach Billy has really meant so much to the UL community. I think it’s been really nice even like the tailgating season. He’s made it really exciting for all of us to go back and cheer on such good teams. So I hope we can continue that,” said Sarah Dailey, UL alumna.

“I know our regulars and all of our fans here at Pete’s are going to miss seeing his face every week on the screens but we wish him the best and we hope good things come from him,” said Shelby Routzahn, Manager of Pete’s.

“It’s sad to see him leave and he has the last name as me so he put us on the map kinda,” said Matthew Napier, UL student.