LAFAYETTE, LA (KLFY) – Kobe Julien has already played in more games this season, than the last two seasons combined.

After dealing with injuries majority of his career with the Cajuns, the freshman forward is embracing being healthy and able to contribute to his teams’ success.

“Been putting in extra work after practice, talking with my teammates,” Julien says. “My teammates really help me. They’ve been boosting my confidence lately.”

Confidence is key, and after a slow start to the season, the Baton Rouge native is the second leading scorer on the team with two back-to-back 20-point performances against UT Arlington and Arkansas State.

“Starting the year off I was very inconsistent,” Julien says. “But I’ve been consistent the last couple of games with the help of my teammates. That’s helped my confidence, and my coaches. I’m just trying to stay at that level.”

A lot of work went into reaching the level Julien is at now.

“That was very hard,” Julien says. “But just putting in extra work, running the underwater treadmill with BJ, doing extra work with my strength coaches, running after practice, eating right, that’s really what it was.”

This season brought adversity of its own.

Julien had to have a procedure done during the holiday break.

“Midseason around December 16th I got my tonsils taken out,” Julien says. “It was pretty hard, because when they started to swell up it was hard to eat during that week and drink. So a lot of times I was hungry.”

By now, Julien has learned how to battle through tough times off the court.

And it’s translating on the court as well.

On Saturday, the Cajuns ended a rough three-game losing streak with a win over Troy, who at the time was first in Sun Belt standings.

Julien led the team with 17 points.

“With our depth, we know we can go a very long way,” Julien says. “It comes down to how we play. If we play how we know we can play against everybody, then we’ll have a very good year.”