LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Cajun outfielder and Sun Belt freshman of the year Miyah Davis knew at an early age that she was quicker than most

“First time that I realized I was fast…Probably on the playground when I would race all the boys and beat everybody,” she says.

Softball was not the first sport Davis showed off her speed.

“First sport I got into was soccer. When I was young. I was actually good at it because I was real fast,” she recalls.

She has over 40 stolen bases this season. And when Davis is on base, she’s looking to take another one

“That’s normally the goal, he’ll give me the sign and if I feel comfortable. I go,” she explains

Davis explains a good baserunner uses more than their legs.

“Being smart and just knowing, having like smart softball IQ, knowing when to tag and stuff. If the ball’s in the dirt you go or like going on a changeup,” she advises.

And as far as getting faster, Davis offers this tip: “Probably lift weights and stuff. Get some muscles.”