The Ragin Cajuns are learning the importance of having two quality quarterbacks, with significant playing time.

At the start of the season, Chandler Fields earned the starting role. After an injury mid-season, Coach Michael Desormeaux went to Ben Woolridge to guide the Cajuns through much of the schedule.

Ben suffered an injury, just two weeks ago and that forced Chandler back into the starting role as UL headed to Tallahassee, FL and a matchup with the FSU Seminoles.

Coach Des, plan to give Chandler the ball to start vs. Texas State on Saturday in San Marcos, Texas.

He says, “The reality is that we are going to need the guy to go play well for us. Continue to make good decisions and put the ball where it needs to go. Because, It’s hard to win games, no one is that good, to where you could just hide your quarterback. That world just doesn’t exist anymore. The eye formation, get under center and hand it off, justplayu and hold them to 10 points, that world doesn’t exist. we are going to play to win the game with him, and he has to continue to do play well, and hopefully, as the game went on he continued to play better, and that carries some confidence over into this next one.””