Coming home: Brennan Breaux and Orynn Veillon explain their transfers to Louisiana

Cajun Nation

Brennan Breaux and Orynn Veillon patrol the outfield for the Cajuns.

But before the two St. Thomas More graduates played for the fans at the Tigue, they called other diamonds home.

Veillon began his college career at the University of New Orleans. 

He says there were some big differences between there and here

“The fan base wasn’t as good as it is here. New Orleans the city itself is different, I was born and raised here,” Veillon says.

Meanwhile, Breaux played in the Tiger outfield. He was even a co-SEC freshman of the week.

“It’s a great program. It’s a historic program. It was a great place to play and I had a good time there,”  Breaux says.

Family was one of the big reasons that Veillon and Breaux decided to transfer to Louisiana.

“My grandparents are here, my whole family is here. But it was mostly my grandparents that were here. It was killing me that they were not able to go to any games in Baton Rouge. And right here it’s in their own backyard,” says Breaux.

Veillon adds: “To come home to play with my home crowd in front of my family. I always wanted to be a Cajun my whole life so I am very grateful to be home.”

When Breaux and Veillon played their first game, they say it was an experience like no other.

“It was definitely a dream come true. I am blessed for everything that has happened to me,” says Veilion.

“To have that opportunity to run out to the field against Texas. Place is packed up. [The] fans are screaming.  [The] atmosphere is electric. There’s no better feeling,” says Breaux.

The two say having that atmosphere gives them a boost when they are out on the field

“It definitely makes me want to play better. It definitely makes me want to perform for my city,” Veillion says.

Breaux adds: “You feel like these people are a part of you. You feel like all of these people are your family. That you want to do your best and you do not want to let them down.”

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