The Ragin Cajuns won eight, one score games last season en route to the Sun Belt Championship and a New Orleans Bowl Title.

Part of the reason for the close game success in 2021 comes as a result of the team mindset. That, of course, being a strong team confidence, and a never say die attitude.

First year Head Coach Michael Desormeaux says nothing phases this team. It shows in the results of last year’s games, and continues to be a theme for this 2022 Ragin Cajun squad.

Coach Des knows preparation is the key to on the field success, and expects nothing less than similar success this season, “Confidence comes from preparation. and from the work you do before hand. This team is just so close, what people don’t know, is on the sidelines, it doesn’t matter how good or bad things get. This team never folds, or points fingers, we get back to the bench and we fix our own problems, and we wait for the other side of the ball. Which ever that may be, to get their corrections made and to get on track. That just comes from time spent together, and everyone has the same amount of time, but the daily work we do, and the diligence in which we do it, our theme for this year is the difference is in the details, and I truly believe the details is what has made the difference for us in those close games.”

UL reports to training camp on Thursday, and will open the 2022 season at home vs. SLU on Sept. 3rd at Cajun Field.