LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – Redshirt sophomore quarterback, Chandler Fields, will start for the Cajuns when they open the season at home against Southeastern.

Coach Michael Desormeaux said that Field’s playmaking ability was part of the decision to make him QB1.

“Chandler, he just makes plays down the field. You know he pushes the ball down the field and he makes a lot of plays down the field and I think you play quarterback to win the game. You know you don’t play it not to lose it and he’s got that mentality and he’s done a really good job running the offense and operating it,” the coach explains.

Fields said a positive he brings to the team is being himself. “I think being myself and just being the person I am helps us and I think just bringing excitement back in the pass game and the run game,” Fields said.

The other front runner Fields beat out was redshirt Junior, Ben Woolridge. Coach Desormeaux says Woolridge will not be forgotten in this Cajun offensive scheme.

“You know, I told him that he deserves to play and he will play early on and he’ll get that opportunity to keep his sword sharp and to keep competing. It’s a long season but Ben is Ben man. He’s a good kid and he’s the kind of guy we want on our team,” stated Cajuns coach.