Another step closer to a 12-team College Football Playoff. The CFP Management Committee announced Friday that it agreed to present the format to the Board of Managers next week.

This new format won’t happen until at least 2023, but it could give more opportunities to Group of Five teams like the Ragin’ Cajuns.

The Management Committee is made up of the 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame’s athletic director. The top decision-makers, the presidents and chancellors, are on the Board of Managers.

If the Board of Managers support and agree to the 12-team format in Dallas next Tuesday, it would allow the commissioners to continue to iron out the details of the expansion.

The new bracket would include the six highest-ranked conference champions, plus the six remaining highest-ranked teams.

Louisiana head coach Billy Napier and Director of Athletics Dr. Bryan Maggard discussed the expansion this week.

“When you throw a scenario out there last year where if we play the conference championship game and the winner of that game ends up in the playoff, I think that should get all Ragin’ Cajun fans excited,” Napier says. “We’ll see. Right now, we’re getting ready for 2021. It does make me get excited about the possibilities there for sure.”

“Oh I absolutely love it,” Dr. Maggard says. “I’m all for it. I’m very excited about that opportunity. I tell ya we absolutely plan on being a contender for one of those 12 spots. What we’re doing with Coach Napier and the investments we’re making with football here, we absolutely like our chances to be able to vie for one those 12 spots.”