Thursday the Cajuns released their depth chart for Saturday’s New Orleans Bowl matchup with Marshall on ESPN at 8:15pm.

And while we already knew D-lineman Tayland Humphrey and running back Chris Smith were both out for the game, Head Coach Michael Desormeaux announced Thursday three more starters will not be available for the game.

Offensive lineman Max Mitchell has been dealing with a hand issue, according to Desormeaux. He says it’s been a season long thing he’s played through. So, he’s out!

Linebacker Ferrod Gardner also has a lingering issue he’s been playing through, Coach Des reported in the post-practice media gathering. It’s an upper body injury. He’s gonna to nurse that injury, and forego playing in the bowl game.

And, Desormeaux says wide receiver Peter Leblanc had season ending surgery.

Coach Des says, “They are going to move on and get themselves ready. I don’t think their surgical for those guys. It’s just some of those things that, you get to a certain point, threshold and you have to make a decision you have to make. Some notable names for sure, guys that we appreciate what they have done for the program, for a long time, and we are proud of everything they’ve done, we wish them the best, and this just gives other guys some opportunities. We got a lot of guys who are excited to get in there and do some things. It will be good!”

In all, there are 14 Cajuns listed as out for Saturday’s game.