Cajuns continue working as their strong desire for 2020 season remains

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“We’re going to continue to do the work that we have prescribed going forward until someone tells me different,” Louisiana football head coach Billy Napier says. “No one’s made a call to me and told me to stop working. We have a schedule. Right now, as of today, the plans are to play. Until that changes, we’re going to continue to follow the plan that we have in place.”

Coach Napier is calm, cool and collected as chaos broke out in the college football world today amid reports from Dan Patrick the Big 10 conference voted to postpone the 2020 fall season until the spring with fear that other Power Five conferences might follow.

This comes only a few days after the Mid-American Conference became the first FBS league to cancel the fall season. The Mountain West followed suit today, postponing their fall season.

The Cajuns were scheduled to face Mountain West contender Wyoming in Week 2.

No official word yet on any changes from the Sun Belt Conference.

Players from across every conference, including Cajuns quarterback Levi Lewis, are sharing in the #WeWantToPlay movement to voice their desires to have a season.

Coach Napier says he is very confident in his program’s safety protocols. No coaches or players have opted out of the season yet. He says there’s no question his players want to play.

“It’s awesome to see players voice their desire to play, ” Napier says. “It’s also okay for guys to opt out maybe given their situation. I think each individual player has their own objective and own set of circumstances.”

“We all have a mindset, and we speak for the team, that we do want to play no matter what is going on,” senior offensive lineman Ken Marks says. “But if the NCAA sees fit to it, then we have to abide by that.”

“We’re seniors,” senior running back Elijah Mitchell says. “We all seniors. We want to play. There’s no doubt about it. I just feel like if you don’t want to play, something’s wrong. We also can’t control it. If we can’t play, it is what it is.”

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