Things sure do get interesting when there is a quarterback battle on any team. For the Ragin Cajuns, two frontrunners, one starting spot!

Those frontrunners are #10 Ben Woolridge and #18 Chandler Fields. Then a host of young qbs running the gammet behind them.

During Monday’s media open portion of practice, Woolridge ran mostly with the first team, Chandler with the twos. UL Head Coach Michael Desormeaux continues to mull over one of the most important decision of his early college coaching career.

Coach Des says, “They operated and commanded the team very well. The communication is really good, i think that is something I’ve talked about quite a bit, who operates the system the best. Those guys did a really good job, and I’m not talking about the first two… I’m talking about the true Freshman Zeon, taking reps… Very few mental errors at the QB position, and we purposefully kept a bunch of things in there, to see who is gonna sink or swim, who is gonna screw it up, we didn’t narrow it down, we wanted to keep it open, and they managed it well.”